Maneki Neko Solar

Full arsenal (silver): collect all weapons and weapon parts. Touch Not A Cat But A Glove (Silver): Shoot all Maneki Neko cats in the game. humanist (silver): save every hostage. Future Visions …

Back in the day, when wardriving was still useful (read: before WPA2 was widespread), we used to wander around with a Zaurus in our pocket running Kismet. Today, every cellphone has WiFi and a …

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How do the ubiquitous maneki-neko get endless mechanical motion from one tiny solar cell? Perhaps unsurprisingly given the prevalence and cost of these devices, the answer is quite simple.

Glazed Maneki Neko cats beam down from the filing cabinets … They also installed a major solar array in December 2008, to help power the farm and reduce reliance on petroleum.